Weatherproof Breather Valve

Weatherproof Breather Valve

Driving mode: Automatic
Connection type: Flange
Structural form: Gravity type
Sealing structure: PTFE
Pressure range: 0.6-1.0Mpa
Nominal diameter: DN25-DN400
Common materials:  Carbon steel, stainless steel

Weatherproof Breather Valve Introduction

The weatherproof breathing valve is used on the oil and liquid tank to remove the positive and negative pressure gas in the tank, so that the liquid in and out of the tank is convenient. If the tank is not equipped with a breathing valve, the liquid in and out of the tank has certain obstacles, which may lead to tank deformation and vibration. The fire resistance breathing valve has reasonable design, simple structure and convenient use; It is an indispensable product of storage tank.

Weatherproof breathing valve is suitable for storage of class a oil products with flash point lower than 28 ℃ and class B oil products with flash point lower than 60 ℃, such as gasoline, Benben, Benben, kerosene, light diesel, engine oil, crude oil and other oil products with the same properties.

All weather breathing valve can be used with corrugated flame arrester.

Weatherproof Breather Valve Features

1. All weather breathing valve shell is made of stainless steel, cast steel and aluminum alloy with good corrosion resistance;
2. The valve disc is made of Teflon material, with good low temperature resistance and antifreeze performance;
3. Simple structure, easy maintenance, safety and convenience;
4. The performance of the new all-weather breathing valve fully conforms to the latest industial standard.

Rating – operating pressure
Class A + 355pa (36mmh2o)
-295pa (30mmhc)

Class B + 980pa (100mmhc)
-295pa (30mmhc)

Class C + 1765pa (180mmh2o)
-295pa (30mmhc)