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NTGD breather valve manufacture company is an ISO certified breather valve manufacturer. Our main products including weatherproof Breather Valve, tank breather valve, breather valve with flame arrestor, jacket breather valve, freeze proof breather valve, sanitary breather valve, pilot breather valve. NTGD breather valve are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power, metallurgy, textile, food, paper and other industries

Pressure only breather valve

Pressure Only Breather Valve

vaccum only breather valve

Vaccum Only Breather Valve

pressure and vaccum breather valve

Pressure / Vaccum Breather Valve

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breather valve selection guide

Breather Valve Selection Guide

  • 1. For the requirements of installation position and temperature range, for example, all-weather breathing valve should be selected in cold area, and pipeline breathing valve should be selected for installation in pipeline.
  • The control pressure of mechanical breathing valve should be suitable for the pressure bearing capacity.
  • The specification of mechanical breathing valve (flange diameter) shall meet the requirements of maximum oil breathing gas flow in and out of oil tank.

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NTGD breather valve has been engaged in the breathing valve industry for many years, constantly developing and improving product technology and quality.
NTGD has perfect testing means, and provides a complete set of traceable verification support documents
NTGD has been recognized and praised by many customers. We are professional breather valve manufacturer

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NTGD breahter valve aim to be your breather valve expert of proven quality and trustworthy partner, we continuously improve our technology and equipment to ensure us a main player in the breather valve manufacturing. NTGD always try our best to offer reliable, affordable breather valve  as well as satisfied customer service. We hope our breather valve connect the pipe as well as long term relationship between us.


As long as we estblish NTGD breather valve, we applied for ISO 9001 certificate to establish our quality system. We have been certified for more than 20 year span. 

These years NTGD breather valve get certified by ISO 45001 and ISO 14001. These management systme help us continuously improve quality. 

what is a breather valve

What is a breather valve

Breathing valve is a kind of valve which can not only keep the tank space isolated from the atmosphere within a certain pressure range, but also connect with the atmosphere (breathing) when the pressure range is higher or lower.
Breather valve is an important accessory to protect the safety of oil tank. It is installed on the roof of oil tank and consists of pressure valve and vacuum valve. It can keep the tightness of oil tank and reduce the evaporation loss of oil to a certain extent. When necessary, it can automatically ventilate and balance the pressure inside and outside the oil tank, which plays a safe role in the oil tank

How does breather valve works

The internal structure of the breathing valve is essentially composed of a pressure valve disc (i.e. exhalation valve) and a vacuum valve disc (i.e. suction valve). The pressure valve disc and vacuum valve disc can be arranged side by side or overlapped.

Its working principle: when the pressure of the tank is equal to the atmospheric pressure, the disc and seat of the pressure valve and vacuum valve are closely matched, and the sealing structure on the side of the seat has “adsorption” effect, so that the seat is tight without leakage. When the pressure or vacuum degree increases, the valve disc starts to open, because there is still “adsorption” effect on the seat edge, so it can still maintain a good seal.

When the pressure in the tank rises to the constant value, the pressure valve is opened, and the gas in the tank is discharged into the outside atmosphere through the exhalation valve (pressure valve). At this time, the vacuum valve is closed due to the positive pressure in the tank. On the contrary, when the pressure in the tank drops to a certain degree of vacuum, the vacuum valve opens due to the positive pressure of atmospheric pressure, and the external gas enters the tank through the suction valve (i.e. vacuum valve), and the pressure valve is closed. At any time, the pressure valve and vacuum valve cannot be opened at the same time. When the pressure or vacuum in the tank drops to the normal operating pressure, the pressure valve and vacuum valve are closed, and the process of exhalation or inhalation is stopped.

Function of breathing valve
The breathing valve can be used as a seal under normal conditions. It can only work under the following conditions:

  • When the storage tank outputs materials, the breathing valve begins to suck air or nitrogen into the tank.
  • When the material is filled into the tank, the breathing valve starts to exhale the gas from the tank to the outside.
  • Due to climate change and other reasons, the vapor pressure of materials in the tank increases or decreases, and the breathing valve exhales steam or inhales air or nitrogen (usually called thermal effect).
  • In case of fire, the evaporation of liquid in the tank increases sharply due to the heat of exhaled gas, and the breathing valve begins to exhale out of the tank, so as to avoid the damage of the tank due to overpressure.
  • In other working conditions, such as the pressurized transportation of volatile liquid, chemical reaction of internal and external heat transfer devices, misoperation, etc., the breathing valve will exhale or inhale accordingly, so as to avoid damage to the storage tank due to overpressure or ultra vacuum.